Despite its relatively young age – the organisation has been working more than a decade – EnGIO has developed adequate capability to handle various types of social projects – with emphasis on environment and health – so much so that it has already assigned by various national and international level organisations for different projects.

In context to its overall capability, the organisation has already procured expertise and built up infrastructure from survey; collection and analysis of data; using of high end software like Geographical Information System etc.

There has been a structured system in place for the collection, analysis & storage of project & programme information. The information, once collected either through primary or secondary mode, is immediately put into an electronic format. The data once computerized is subsequently analysed & relevant reports are generated. In this context it
must be mentioned that the organisation enjoys a very strong rapport in the community level – catered through the elected people representatives – and most of the primary level information are actually generated by field workers coming from the said communities themselves.

As for the financial producers and system of implementation vis-à-vis different projects, the organisation follows a transparent structured format which is scrutinized at regular intervals. The organisation has a detailed accounting system (as intrinsically required by all the projects it has undertaken) and has a system of regular internal audit by qualified chartered accounted.

The organisation has proved capability to handle big projects vis-à-vis major funds as evident in the projects supported by UNICEF / Govt. of West Bengal/ KMDA/ WBPCB/KUSP etc.

The organisation has collaborated with / has been supported by several state and international agencies like:

  • Different departments of Govt. of West Bengal
  • Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA)
  • Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC)
  • Different Municipalities / Urban Local Bodies (ULB)
  • West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB)
  • Kolkata Urban Services for the Poor (KUSP) supported by DFID
  • Academic institutions like Jadavpur University and Calcutta University
  • National Referral Centre for Lead Poisoning in India (NRCLPI)
  • Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS), Calcutta Resource Centre