Silence on US at Bonn

India has decided not to criticise the US at the COP23 climate summit here for pulling out of the 2015 Paris Agreement, marking a toning down of its aggressive policy from its UPA days.

Multiple Indian sources told The Telegraph that a decision had been taken at the highest level not to attack the US at Bonn for fear of annoying President Donald Trump.

” Why should we criticise the US or any other country directly? We ‘ ll only showcase our achievements on the climate front, ” an Indian official and climate- change negotiator told The Telegraph . ” India should be seen as constructive, not as an obstructionist. ” India was often tagged ” obstructionist ” at earlier summits when it accused the developed countries of inaction on climate change.

New Delhi ‘ s current reticence comes at a time leading US Democrats have descended on Bonn to condemn Trump ‘ s decision to pull Washington out of the Paris Agreement.

A few days ago, India ‘ s environment minister Harsh Vardhan had indicated that New Delhi would only ” talk about our achievements ” . ” You have to understand geopolitics. It ‘ s a very fluid situation, and India does not want to get into a hitch ( sic) with the Trump government considering the China and Pakistan factors, ” an Indian official said.

Environmental analysts say that India ‘ s silence on the US pullout wouldn ‘ t help the negotiations at Bonn. The ongoing summit aims to find ways of bolstering the implementation of the Paris Agreement, which seeks to cut greenhouse gas emissions to prevent global temperatures from rising more than 2 ° C above pre- industrial levels.

” This policy of criticising none, particularly the US, and just showcasing our own achievements will not take India far on the negotiation table, ” said Chandra Bhushan, a climate expert from the Delhibased Centre for Science and Environment.

” With the US quitting the Paris Agreement, and the European Union reluctant, India should have played a much more proactive role in global climate politics. ” ” No Climate Change ” rally in Bonn on Sunday. ( PTI)