India tops climate toll

India lost more people to the impacts of climate change than any other country and suffered the third highest financial losses from extreme weather events during 2016, says a report on global climate vulnerability released on Thursday.

The Global Climate Risk Index 2018 report has referred to India ‘ s intense heatwaves, extreme rainfall events and severe floods to label the country as the sixth most vulnerable in 2016 after Haiti, Zimbabwe, Fiji, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

The report, prepared by Germanwatch and other organisations from across the world, said climate change impacts had killed 2,119 people in India during 2016, a number higher than any other country.

Climate change analysts caution that India ‘ s actual vulnerability may be even higher than assigned because the effect of long- term climate impacts such as sea- level rise — which, in India, affects regions like the Sunderbans with a population of five million — has not been considered in assessing the climate risk.

The report, released at the UN climate change conference in Bonn, has estimated that India lost about $ 21,500 million because of extreme weather events during 2016, the third highest financial loss after those suffered by China and the US. ” The impact of climate change has been increasing rapidly during recent years in India, ” David Eckstein, one of the report ‘ s authors, told The Telegraph . The Indian pavilion in Bonn. ( AFP)