Sabuj Para

Sabuj Para 2016EnGIO, a nonprofit organisation working in environment and related social sectors, has been organising Serader Sera Nirmol Puja Puroshkar (Greenest of the Green Puja Awards), in collaboration with various government, non government as well as academic institutes since 2007.  The award, recognized nationally and internationally, has catered to the transformation of the character of puja in Kolkata making it greener and safer in all respects; from awareness to action, from energy to immersion, from theme to thakur. About 700 shortlisted pujas, 250 eminent juries, more than 120 winners participated; and above all, millions being exposed to green awareness during puja festival days in last one decade.

Now is the time for taking the next big step; and EnGIO has planned to expand the awareness and action from four puja days to 365 days in a year; in partnership with the community clubs and various government departments and other organizations through unique community owned and driven pioneering Sabuj Para or Green Neighbourhood programme aimed to reduce the environmental stress in locality. A mentor group, consisting of eminent experts set up under the programme, will hand hold the club and community . Let’s join hands and expand the green loop.